This is my FOSS( Free and Open Source Softrware) 2008 India award winner software. This is fully written on Bash
This is written in 2010. It is fully written in Python.It was a PCIDSS checking tool at that time.
This software is written in Python and PHP. PHP is only for front end. It is server software for cpanel servers
Visit : cpremote.net
This is a Cpanel Nginx automation and performance tuning software with http2 and ssl support written in python & PHP
Visit : cpnginx.com
This is an Nginx integration software for Directadmin servers. PHP scripting languge has been used throu out the coding
Visit : danginx.com
This is a backup software for Directadmin servers , than can do incremental and compressed remote backups.It was in PHP.
Visit : dabackup.com