About Me

I am a Software Engineer having Engineering graduation in Computer science and Engineering from Cochin University Of Science and Technology. I started working with Linux platform before the era of GUI. I have done a number of Datacenter related jobs, Devops operations , Software and server security management, cluster and cloud deployment around the globe with a number of companies.

I won the foss india 2008 opensource awards for one of my projects. I am experts in a number of programming/ scripting languages in cluding , python, php, bash , perl ,etc,. I love to do Research and Developments.

Education & jobs

B.Tech ( 2002-2006) Aggregate percentage of marks: 70.36 Computer Science & Engineering, College Of Engineering Kallooppara, Pathanamthitta( CUSAT)
Higher Secondary (2000-2002), Aggregate percentage marks: 71.22 KPMHSS, C.V. Nalloor, Kollam

Language skills


My Specialization

System Architect

I can work with any open source servers

Linux Admin

I started working with Linux Since 1999

Python Programmer

I code a number of Python applications

Cloud Engineer

I can build and maintain cloud services

DevOps Specialist

I do both tech and dev works on Opensource

Data Scientist

I can work with Hadoop Big data solutions

Security Specialist

I do Security auditing for apps and servers

Datacenter & Hosting Support

I love working with servers around the glob

Team Builder

Working with an R&D team is a top priority

Skills & Abilities

Programing/Scripting Languages: Python Experience in developing server wide tools, web based applications, application customizations. Shell Scripting / BASH Experience in Developing various server tools and automation applications.REF: ffmpeginstaller Sed / awk/ Regx Experience in Server wide scripting. PHP Experience in Server applications development, web development,etc,. REF: Sysvm Perl Development on CGI applications, Server scripting. C / C++ Experience in developing device drivers, kernel modules, router firewalls,etc,REF: Sysvm, Milix HTML Experience with web development. CSS Intermediate fluency. Core Java Development based on oops applications. SQL Expert fluency. Integration with C, Perl, Python and PHP.
Servers And Services: Web Servers Apache, Lighttpd,Nginx and Tomcat expert-level fluency configuring and installing Apache in ISP environment, SSL management, Creating virtual servers, performance tuning, installation streaming for mass number of domains. Installation of web report software. Load balancing and clustering. Database Servers MySQL, PgSQL administration,performance tuning, clustering, high availability and development. DNS Servers Bind configurations , DNS clustering (Expert-level in datacenter environment) FTP Servers vsftpd, Proftpd ,pure-ftpd (expert-level in ISP environment, creation of real and virtual FTP servers) SMTP Servers Exim, Sendmail, Postfix(high-intermediate level, spam and virus filtering, integration with SQL DBs) POP3/IMAP Servers Courier ,dovecot, cyrus-imap (expert-level, custom integration experience with SQL DBs) Authentication Servers OpenLDAP, cyrus-sasl Repository Yum, apt server build and management. Remote Login Openssh server(Expert, build and configuration in Datacenters) Exposure To NFS, SAMBA cross-platform drive sharing among GNU/Linux,Unix and windows. NIS configurations.
Operating Systems: Gnu/Linux Operating Systems Expert in Various Linux distributions as developer and Server administrator, Some of those distributions are Centos, RHEL,Fedora,Debian,ubundu,etc,. Unix Operating Systems Expert in FreeBSD,NetBSD,etc,. as server administrator and developer. Mac Os Expert in Mac Os X server as administrator. Windows Operating Systems As user level experience in windows Server 2008 ,Windows XP and Vista
Server Control Panels: cPanel Expert in build, secure and optimization of cPanel servers. Plesk Expert in build, secure and optimization of Plesk servers. Webmin Expert in build, secure and optimization of Webmin servers. Virtuozzo(VPS) Expert in build, secure, resource configuration and optimization of Virtuozzo servers. Sysvm (VPS ) Founder and Developer of Sysvm Control panel.
GNU Tools: GCC Expert in usage of gcc compiler collections in software development. Autoconf Experience in creating configure scripts using autoconf Automake Expert in developing make files scripts for software build procedure. GDB Experience in debugging using gdb. mipsel-linux-gcc Experience in cross compilation for MIPS processors using mipsel-linux-gcc compiler.
Cloud Operations & Big Data: AWS Cloud Expert in Management and Deployment of Amazon Web Services Open Stack Build and maintain Open Stack Private Clouds Google Cloud Development and Deployment on google cloud platform Ubuntu Cloud Administration and Deployment of Ubuntu cloud platform Apache Hadoop / Cloudera Big Data Administration & Data scientist Operations