I Have recently faced a serious problem with my Original website , sherin.in. My DNS registrar is suspended it without a notice, because IT was expired on March 20th 2009. I contacted them for getting back, but they asking 5000 Rs for this domain, which I can’t afford it.

So all projects related with sherin.in will not work properly because some of it using the mirror site as sherin.in . It is mainly affected by the project ffmpeginstaller. I am updating content of my old website to this new site.

SO for the ffmpeginstaller issue, I have moved the project with Sharemixer community. You can download it from new website, http://www.ffmpeginstaller.com/ . Also please notice I only modified the latest version of script ( version 3. 2. 1) .

I also moved the forum to forum.ffmpeginstaller.com . Alaso added new two Professional service plan one for 49$ ad another one for 150$.

In 49$ package, I will install the complete ffmpeg package in your server. So you don’t need to worry about it.
In 150$ package you will get my installation service , OS hardening apache/php/mysql optimization and performance tuning.

I am apologizing for all the troubles cased by my DNS issues.

20th May 2009


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